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Document Data Entry Services

Every organization has a huge pile of unstructured data that is stored in various hard copies like books, files, magazines, computer printouts, etc. This greatly affects the productivity of your organization as your employees spend a great amount of time, sifting through these documents to find admissible data. This is something that you can do without, after all who wants to pay their employees for the time that is wasted daily in fetching data pertinent to your business. Business these days is rapidly moving towards a paperless organization. “Going Paperless” helps you save money and space, along with the added advantage of boosting productivity. Digitizing your data makes document sharing easier and secure. All this goodness can be achieved by outsourcing Document Data Entry Services to Outsource Data Services (ODS).

We have a team of experienced operators who work round the clock to digitize all kinds of paper documents, irrespective of their length and convolution. We are really fast with our average speed of typing at 40 words per minute. Being fast doesn’t mean that we lag in accuracy, ODS gets it right the first time with our output accuracy level of 99.99%. You save a lot when you make ODS your outsourcing partner as it helps you Reduce Capital Costs and Labor costs. Outsourcing significantly reduces infrastructural demands on your firm and helps you save on the requirement of software/hardware installations, technical maintenance and human resource recruitment and training.

Services we offer as part of Document Data Entry Services

  • Data Entry of Company Reports
  • Data Entry of Invoices
  • Data entry of Yellow Pages
  • Data Entry of Resumes
  • Data entry of yellow pages
  • Data entry of books/dictionaries
  • Data entry of journals
  • Data entry of magazines
  • Data entry of software/medical /electronic manuals
  • Data entry of surveys
  • Data entry of computer programs
  • Data entry of company directories
  • Data entry of business card indexing
  • Data entry of accounts sheets
  • Data entry of research statistics
  • Data entry of legal documents
  • Data entry of medical reports
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