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Legal Documents Data Entry Services

The legal landscape has changed considerably in the last few years due to economic pressures, technological challenges and market competition. There are tons of legal data out there stored in thousands of unstructured files and pages. This uncategorized data is lost in your storeroom and is rendered useless when you need it the most. There is an easy and cost effective solution to this problem, i.e. Outsource your Legal Documents Data Entry Services to ODS. Another case in point is that employees at your law firm spend hours sifting through this document dump and then come up with nothing. It takes lots of effort sorting through large volumes of legal documents and is undoubtedly a pain. Business critical moments are wasted which could have been utilized in core business activities that would have benefited the organization in some way.

Outsource data services will convert your documents into a digital format which can then be easily accessed, searched, shared and saved. This will save your office floor space and digitizing your legal documents will make document sharing easier and secure. We at outsource data services have a team of specialized and experienced employees who are familiar with the legal proceedings and legal terminologies. Data entry of legal documents is to be handled with utmost care as even the slightest mistake during keying of legal data mars the legitimacy of the legal document. This has a ripple effect and directly impacts lives of people and can demean the credibility of a legal firm.

Services we offer as part of Legal Documents Data Entry Services:

  • Keying of data into database of any format (Output can be delivered in xls, doc, pdf, rtf, mdb, etc.)
  • We have a specialized team of Data entry specialists at ODS who are well versed in the legal terminology, this makes data capture easier and ensures error free data entry.
  • Data capture is done through automated tools like OCR (Optical character recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition).
  • We provide legal documents data entry services with absolute confidentiality as all our employees are signatories to confidential clauses. We take Information Security very seriously and possess an unblemished record of keeping our customer’s data safe.
  • Legal data can be captured from various sources like images, e-media, newspapers, books, etc.

We cater to various legal documents data entry needs by providing the most efficient data entry/ extraction/ archiving and data indexing services for different types of legal documents, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Divorce forms
  • Credit card applications
  • Shipping documents
  • Insurance claim records
  • Bare Act and Citations
  • Property related documents
  • Immigration forms
  • Arbitration and litigation forms
  • Business agreements
  • Power of attorney forms
  • Court forms
  • Product registration details
  • Case details
  • Medical claim forms
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