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Scanning and Indexing Services

Volume of paper documents or simply put, hard copies that a company must process has shot up tenfold in recent years. Processing such a huge amount of paper documents drives the cost of paper handling higher, which greatly reduces profit margins. Cost is not the only factor to be considered while thinking of outsourcing Scanning and Indexing services, instead scanning services enable clients to save space, speed access to archives, reduces risk and ensures compliance.

Benefits of Scanning and Indexing Services to your data

  • Digital backfile scanning converts your paper archives and images into a more useful, searchable format.
  • In case of a disaster like an earthquake or if a fire breaks out, electronic archives are safer than keeping your hardcopies in a record room. Backing up of electronic document is easier and cheaper than keeping backups in the form of hard copies.
  • The storage cost for the thousands of paper files that your employees create every day can also be reduced by using our world class scanning services.
  • Electronic documents can easily be shared and you can save on the courier cost of the company.
  • Digitizing your hardcopy documents also enables your employees to search for them and access them with relative ease and it saves you from paying your employees for the extra time it takes them to wade through paper files to retrieve information.

Now that we have discussed all the goodness that comes with Outsourcing Scanning and Indexing services, you have found the right outsourcing partner in Outsource Data Services. We have the latest high speed ADF scanners which can scan around 10 thousands pages every day. We also possess flatbed, hand held and overhead scanners. The overhead scanners are especially useful while scanning books and fragile documents.

As part of Scanning and Indexing services we provide the following services

  • Document Scanning Services
  • Document Digitizing Services
  • Book Scanning Services
  • PDF scanning Services
  • Invoice scanning services
  • Index and Archiving Services

Indexing can be done depending upon the needs of the customer. Documents are either indexed while scanning them or batch index them once the scanning is done with.

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