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Data Management Services

The concept of data management is relatively simple. Firms need access to high-quality, relevant data, provided in a timely and cost-effective manner. Access to accurate data is necessary for effective investment decisions, trade execution, securities pricing, risk management, regulatory compliance, and portfolio valuation and measurement. Delivering on this concept, however, is challenging, particularly in a dynamic environment marked by significant regulatory changes. From marketers to many leading organizations, every single entity struggles hard to keep their data up-to-date, clean and automated in order to attain marketing success or ensure availability of fresh information to ease off the overwhelming pressure of making a right decision.

We at Outsource Data Services can help you achieve that. We have a holistic approach towards data management which involves coordination of people and business processes along with technological innovations. We lay emphasis on key elements such as data architecture, metadata, taxonomy, data mining, security and storage. We are the best at what we do and the core strength of outsource data services lies in its security policies and quality control. We provide the highest quality of data management services at lowest prices with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We can be a viable business partner to outsource your data management services to.

As part of our Data Management Services, ODS offers the following array of services:

These services will help you maintain clean, consistent and up-to-date data. We use software and manual efforts to check the records at regular intervals. Regardless of the complexity or volume of the data, we can assure you 100% accuracy with the best turnaround time in the industry. Data Cleansing & Enrichment Services involves:

Our Web Research and Data Mining Services will help you provide access to accurate and reliable data pertinent to your business, finance, economy and market from hundreds of online and offline sources like social networking sites, blogs, forums, books, industry publications, business directories, B2B/B2C websites and portals.

Our Data research services span across the following:

  • Company & Business Research
  • Market & Product Research
  • Social Media Research
  • Events Research
  • Document Research (Offline and Online)
  • eCommerce Product Information Research
  • Property Documents Research
  • Address Management

A successful marketing campaign which involves email addresses and contact address database needs to be regularly updated with precise addresses. People often change their postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. We can help you keep your database updated and will also remove redundant data from your database.

Our Address Management Services Involve:

  • De-duplication of address data
  • Standardizing addresses
  • Verifying and Validating Addresses
  • Data Analytics

We have a pool of seasoned data analytics professionals who can help you make correct business decisions.  We analyze data pertinent to your business, study your competitors,  analyze market trends, study consumer behavior and help tailor solutions which will help you drive up your revenue and increase profits.

Our Data Analytics Services Involve:

  • Business and Financial Research
  • Market analysis
  • Data analysis, reporting and presentation
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