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Check Processing Services

Every business (mainly financial organizations) has the mundane task of processing a heap of checks. It is a time consuming and strenuous task which needs to be done with utmost precision and dedication, otherwise any error will cause huge financial losses and will event dent your organization’s credibility and reputation. Outsource Data Services can be your ideal outsourcing partner to handle your check processing services. We offer the best turnaround time in the industry at dirt cheap prices.

Dealing with checks on a regular basis will inevitably incur human error and a lot of time and effort is wasted in verifying and rectifying it. This causes delay in your core competencies and outsourcing check processing and verification services to us will not only be cost-effective but will also free your time in concentrating more on marketing and sales. Outsource Data Services has been providing check processing services for over 14 years to customers across the globe. Choosing Outsource Data Services as your check processing partner will give your business a competitive edge.

Services we offer as part of our Check Processing Services Include:

  • Data Capture Solutions: Whether check images are gathered at the branch back office, teller, corporate office, merchant, ATM or even at your customer’s home office or mobile device. Data pertinent to checks is captured via three ways: a) Operator assisted, b) Hand-keyed into POS Terminal, c) Fetched via a Magtek MICR Reader.
  • Outsourced item processing and clearing services: Leverage our advanced systems, experienced staff and efficient processes to improve your customer service while eliminating capital investments. Check volumes are declining, and many clients have found outsourcing to be an attractive option. Alternatively, you can choose to outsource some check processing functions while keeping others in-house. Outsource data services offers flexible options to meet your changing needs
  • ODS Clearing Network: Our electronic check clearing and exchange network can handle your transit, in-clearing and return items with one simple connection.
  • Fraud detection: Mitigate your exposure to fraud with our comprehensive deposit review capabilities and our innovative fraud detection solutions, including digital signature verification.
  • Check image archive: Our solution supports short-term and long-term archive functions, online access to checks and statements, CD-ROM creation and image storage for up to seven years. Our in-house archive solutions are fully customizable and give you total control over the storage of your document and check images. Your core processing solution, will determine if you are eligible for our enterprise content management (ECM) solutions
  • Back-office solutions: We address the workflows, exception conditions and risk mitigation processes your organization needs. Solutions include in-clearing captures, returns, transaction management, deposit review and reporting capabilities
  • Check recovery: Returned checks require a costly, time-consuming recovery process that impedes cash flow and limits bottom line profitability. Check Recovery Services from Outsource Data Services use electronic check re-presentment to automate the collection process, accelerating your recovery time for lost funds
  • Printing, writing and mailing checks: We have a specialized check printing software wherein we package and address each check. We can also provide check mailing services to you at very low prices.

Few other services that we offer as part of Check Processing Service:

  • Real-time tracking and progress reports of our daily check processing activities.
  • Electronic check processing and conversion
  • Automated Clearing House processing
  • Online processing of checks
  • Representation of checks
  • Benchmarking check operations
  • Market review of checks
  • Advancement of check products
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