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Forms Processing Services

Forms processing is a process by which one can capture information entered into data fields and convert it into an electronic format. This can be done manually or automatically, but the general process is that hard copy data is filled out by ‘humans’ and then “captured” from their respective fields and entered into a database or other electronic format. Forms processing services at Outsource Data Services (ODS) range from the processing of small application forms to large scale survey forms with multiple pages. There are several common issues involved in forms processing when done manually by inexperienced staff. A lot of tedious human efforts are put in, the data keyed in by the user may result in typos, and many hours of labor result from this lengthy process. If the forms are processed using computer software driven applications these common issues can be resolved and minimized to great extent.

Outsource Data Services Performs Two Types of Forms Processing Services:

  • Manual Data Entry: We have a specialized team of highly skilled and seasoned data entry professionals who can type with speeds of 50 to 80 wpm. They do this without compromising on accuracy and have the fastest turnaround time in the industry.
  • Automated Forms Processing: This method can automate data processing by using pre-defined templates and configurations. A template in this case, would be a map of the document, detailing where the data fields are located within the form or document. As compared to the manual data entry process, automatic form input systems are more preferable, since they help reduce the problems faced during manual data processing.

Automatic form input systems use different types of recognition methods such as optical character recognition (OCR) for machine print, optical mark reading (OMR) for check/mark sense boxes, bar code recognition (BCR) for bar-codes, and intelligent character recognition (ICR) for hand print. The increased usage of the internet and the popularity of eCommerce have led to the generation of huge amounts of data. As customers are registering with different websites, blogs and forums, companies have vast amounts of forms that need to be processed in a manner that enables them to provide useful and meaningful database.

We, at Outsource data services provide superior and high quality Forms processing services to our clients from across the world. Our services include forms processing of all types, whether typed or handwritten. Our forms processing services capture data from forms and store them in the digital format that is most suitable for easy retrieval as and when required.

Services we offer as part of Form Processing Services includes the following:

  • Accounting documents processing
  • Administrative documents processing
  • Patient record forms processing
  • Coupon redemption / rebate forms processing
  • Credit cards applications processing
  • E-mail forms processing
  • Financial documents processing
  • Immigration forms processing
  • Invoices processing
  • Legal documentary forms processing
  • Medical claim / patient record forms processing
  • Membership applications processing
  • Online application forms / subscriptions processing
  • Payroll processing
  • Product registration cards processing
  • Purchase / sales order forms processing
  • Rental forms processing
  • Resumes processing
  • Shipping documents processing
  • Survey application / market research forms processing
  • Tax forms processing
  • Warranty card processing
  • College Sports Rosters Forms Processing
  • Travel Claim Forms
  • Subscriptions Forms
  • Enrolment Form
  • Research Forms
  • Shipping / Logistic Documents Form Processing
  • Census Forms Processing
  • Utility Bills Processing
  • Membership Application Forms
  • Questionnaires Forms Processing
  • Vouchers / Service Coupons
  • CGI Forms Processing
  • Examination Forms Processing
  • Results Processing
  • License Forms Processing
  • Employees Record and Data Management
  • ASP, JSP and PHP Language Forms Processing
  • Online Forms Processing / Remote Terminal Processing
  • Order Fulfillment Forms
  • Administration Relevant Documents (Fax, Memos, Emails Etc.)
  • Competition Slips / Prize Draw Slips
  • Bankers Check processing
  • HCFA/UB92
  • HTML forms processing
  • Loans Application processing
  • Healthcare Check-up Forms processing
  • Insurance claim form processing
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