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Catalog Conversion Services

Changing print data from catalog to electronic medium for publishing online is catalog conversion. It sounds easy but it is necessary to cover various issues in order to effectively bring out the conversion. Conversion of catalog must be done by experts only as it is one of the key marketing methods to attract consumers. In order to maximize the effectiveness of catalogs as a sales and marketing tool, product catalogs need to be in the format that is most suited for the target audience and for ease of information access. Catalog data is also stored in inventory databases and documentation, and migration into these formats should ideally be seamless.

At Outsource Data Services we help our clients in converting paper based product catalogs into digital catalog utilizing our proficient eCommerce catalog conversion services. Our professionals can facilitate you from building an eCommerce store to updating, optimizing and maintaining it on a regular basis. The catalog conversion specialists at ODS have in-depth knowledge about diverse industry products and its complex categories or sub-categories. Moreover, our photo editing experts have ability to extract product images from paper catalogs and enhance them for an aesthetically appealing look. However, just creating online catalogs is not enough. Catalog conversion is equally important as data comes in various formats like Excel files, paper documents, databases, emails, scanned articles, images, or even downloaded PDFs. Even though they look well put together, all this needs to be converted into one form before it can be uploaded onto your site. Outsource Data Services offers the best catalog conversion services in the industry and it allows users to read product descriptions, view images, place orders, and share product details with their friends using any preferred communication medium.

Services we offer as part of our Catalog Conversion Services Include:

  • Our catalog conversion services also include updating, management, building and indexing of catalogs. This helps our clients maintain their catalogs suitably for easy access.
  • Our Catalog conversion professionals will capture catalog data from multitude of input sources which includes, scanned images, pdfs, online catalogs, hard copies, paper documents, online sources such as websites and many more.
  • During our catalog conversion process, any kind of text, symbols, architectural designs, mechanical components, piping network drawings, engineering drawings or electrical schematics are digitized. All this is done at reduced costs and in the least amount of time possible.

Catalog conversion from paper documents to any format of your choice. Some of the most desired output formats have been given below:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Image
  • SQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle Database
  • HTML / XML
  • TIFF (Tag Image File Format)

Catalog Conversion Services at Outsource Data Services

  • Step1: Customer sends over paper product catalogs to Outsource Data Services.
  • Step2: Analysis and Documentation of Products and Services is carried out.
  • Step3: We then carry out designing of the online Product Catalog. The UI is designed at this point.
  • Step4: The next step is to carry out Catalog Content Management which involves defining categories and sub-categories. We write a vivid product description for you which is SEO friendly and this helps drive up the company sales.
  • Step5: Then we proceed with one of the most important step of enhancement of product images. We edit and redesign them to look visually appealing.
  • Step6: We have a dedicated quality control and compliance team. Each quality control professional carries out stringent testing and ensures that the online catalogs are of the highest quality.
  • Step7: The online catalogs are then Maintained and Updated on a regular basis.
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