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Amazon Product Upload Services

Every online retailer dreams of growing a successful business, one where product consistently streams out, income rises, and profits rise too. However, Forbes reports that sadly 80% of businesses fail. And they list five reasons for this, which includes opting to go with your own store instead of a proven marketplace like Amazon. This is not intended to be a mean question at all, but if you polled 100 people in the street, would they be likelier to have heard of your store or Amazon? Amazon and other giant online marketplaces have a cachet to their names because of how big they are and how long they’ve been around. Also, as you haven’t publicly earned your stripes the way big-name online marketplaces have, customers are less likely to trust you. This in no way means you’re a bad online retailer, only that you’d have a lot more work on your hands establishing that trust with your own site than if you went with an existing marketplace.

Your online business — no matter if you plan to make it your sole source of income or a side hobby — deserves to get all the breaks it can. One of the easiest ways of establishing a solid foundation is to go with one of the tried-and-tested online marketplaces like Amazon, giving you much more leverage than you would tend to with your own store.

We at Outsource Data Services can regularly update your product offerings to help you stay ahead of the competition. New categories and SKUs will be added and modified by our amazon product upload specialist round the clock. We are adept in handling hundreds of thousands of products with dynamic features in your Amazon store and in us you have found a specialized task team with proven methodology in Amazon product upload services. Outsource Data Services (ODS) provides Amazon store back-office and Amazon Product Upload services that can be customized for your specific needs. We have been in the Product Upload Services business for over 10 years and possess highly skilled and trained Amazon Product Upload professionals. We have the skill and the experience to provide efficient and accurate Amazon Product Data Upload services.

Our Amazon product data management suite of services encapsulates product data entry, upload, maintenance (adding/editing), and Amazon store related back-end support services. We have managed and maintained online stores for customers throughout the world and have efficiently managed their Amazon store’s products, categories, product attributes, orders, and a lot of other things. We can update the information on your products database by capturing them from your paper catalogs, your suppliers’ website, or from any other source. We would also like to highlight that it is rather inconvenient to manually add a large number of products at once to your Amazon store. Inserting products one by one will take a long time especially when you have hundreds or thousands of products. In such cases you need an automatic way to add all those products to your Amazon online store. We can provide world class Amazon Data Entry/ Amazon Product Upload Services for your eCommerce store at the lowest possible price in the industry.

Services we offer as part of our Amazon Product Upload Services:

  • Overall Amazon Back Office Support: We have a highly trained and seasoned team of Amazon back office services professionals who can cater to all your day-to-day tasks required to maintain and manage a Amazon backed online store. Some of the services we provide include – Product Data Entry/ Product Upload, Product description writing, Product image editing/enhancement, competitor price monitoring, catalog management, and much more. We take the onus on ourselves to provide efficient back office supports so that you can concentrate on your core competencies.
  • Amazon Data Entry Services: Outsource Data Services provides multitude of product data entry services which includes Amazon simple products, Amazon configurable products, and Amazon grouped products. We work day in and day out to update product related attributes like name, type, SKU, price, quantity, visibility and status details.
  • Order Processing/ Tracking Services: Order processing is the major reason of bottleneck in your product sales lifecycle. We can take up this all important task for you and our dedicated order processing team can help you process innumerable orders and deftly manage the shipment processing and order tracking to deliver seamless shopping experience to your customers.
  • Amazon Category Management: A well cataloged online store automatically helps you drive up your sales. We provide world class magneto category management services wherein we configure the catalog settings for you, and help you list and maintain appropriate categories. Our approach is result oriented and we maintain categories like General Information (including product name, description, Meta keywords, Meta description, page title, URL keys, etc.), Display Settings (sorting by name, best value, price, etc.), Custom Design and other details.
  • Amazon Product listing/Amazon Product Upload Services: Product Upload is our core competency. We can expedite product upload time by uploading bulk products onto your online store. If the total number of products to be uploaded our less, we can carry out manual uploading which involves uploading products one by one to your website. We can upload all Amazon product types like simple items, configurable items and grouped items. We upload different individual items and also slightly different versions of the same product under relevant categories. The product details would be uploaded under the name, product description, SKUs, weight and also short descriptions.
  • Amazon Product Image Enhancement/Upload: High quality product images are really important for an online eCommerce store. Since the user cannot touch the product, pick it up, try it on, turn it around or look at it from another angle. You, the e-tailer, have to compensate the user for the lack of this experience by creating the best visual product presentation possible. Your Images determine How People See You and great images make you look trustworthy and legitimate. Great images show that you take pride in your product presentation. We make sure your images are enhanced to the best possible quality and pixel rate before uploading them to your website. Product image enhancement team edits, re-sizes, and retouches images which involve harmonizing the color and contrast, removal of all patches, sunburns, and spots to produce flawless product images.
  • Amazon Product tags: In information systems, a tag is a non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to a piece of information. This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. Tags are generally chosen informally and personally by the item’s creator or by its viewer, depending on the system. We assign the right tags to your products in order to ensure your customers find the product they are looking for without much hassle. We ensure that each product falls under appropriate product category with tags attached to it.
  • Amazon Product reviews: eCommerce Product Reviews Matter More Than Price. Users spend hours reading reviews before a purchase, especially for high-ticket items like TVs, cameras and stuff. In a research paper published by a leading magazine, over 85% of consumers state that they read reviews often or very often before they purchase online. Including product reviews leads to conversion increases for over half of retailers, compared with less than 10% that experience declines with the addition of reviews. Average order value also tends to increase, as it did for 42% of the responding online retailers in the aforementioned research. We have a specialized team for product reviews and we can help you in this regard. We manage your customer reviews, and ensure we project your products in the best possible light. Our product review team will write effective and vivid reviews which are one of the most effective ways to pre-sell your goods to your potential customers. Through our eCommerce review writing services, copywriters at Outsource Data Services can help you create truly valuable reviews that help your potential buyers get all the information they need to make their buying choices, viz., the product features and specifications, key benefits, practical details, target user group, experiences of other users, if possible, etc.
  • Regularly Updating Product prices: We update your product prices in a relevant fashion. Be it displaying discounts, sales prices or special offers – we do it all! We also have a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to monitor your competitors’ product prices and then modify yours accordingly.
  • Amazon Inventory Management: We make sure that you are kept up-to-date on the number of products in stock as well as their availability details. In case a product is not available at the moment, we update the product description to reflect this information.
  • Amazon URL re-writes: We change your product URL’s from the default ones so as to give you SEO friendly URL’s that will increase SEO rankings for you product pages. This will help your products to show up as top results in google searches. This will help increase your product sales.
  • Manage and Create Special Offers: Our Amazon product upload professionals are also experienced in promoting your store by creating ‘special offers’ and setting up special incentives like discounts. Users tend to get excited about sales and offers and are more likely to buy a product with discount.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for Promoting Your Amazon Store: We ensure that we create SEO friendly meta tags like product page title, keywords, description and search engine oriented URLs for all the product and category pages listed in your Amazon catalog. This helps you garner better visibility in search engines.
  • Amazon Cross-sell and Up-sell: To help you augment product sales, we add related and popular items by creating sections like ‘Customer who bought this, also bought’, ‘Related products’, etc. We are adept in using Magneto up-sell and cross-sell features and they help you to increase sales possibilities by promoting related items, accessories, ext. on the product page.
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