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What Sets Us Apart?

Choosing the appropriate outsourcing partner in today’s world wherein the market is full of service providers offering the same set of services is quite tough. We understand this dilemma and have listed out few aspects which sets apart Outsource Data Services (ODS) from the rest.


Competitive pricing

We offer high quality and accurate data services with minimal turnaround times, at competitive prices, to make sure that our clients are able to drive their business efficiency while achieving significant cost-reductions. We offer flexible pricing packages based on the kind of services you want to outsource as well as based on your budget and other considerations.


Outsource Data Services (ODS) is a leading global business process outsourcing (BPO) company and we have been around for 15 years. We come with tons of experience of diverse domains and verticals and have served over 1500 clients across 20 countries. This makes us competent enough to meet every sort of business needs, no matter how intricate and demanding it is.

Versatility and Adaptability

We are very flexible with our business process and can always tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. We can tweak our pricing model and hiring structure according to the scope of your project, such that it always fits in your budget

Trained and Skilled workforce

The workforce at Outsource Data Services is highly skilled with years of experience behind them. Periodic training and typing tests are given to our staff in order to make them more efficient in rendering our services. Speed and liveliness characterize our efficient workforce.

Doer – Checker Process

We follow a strict Doer – Checker process, wherein each operator has a checker assigned and each data entry goes through quality control first. These proof readers make sure that the work done is error free and of utmost quality.

Data Security

We have a centralized, highly controlled computing environment that ensures all data and source documents remain secure, thus ensuring utmost confidentiality in your transactions. We have also deployed latest definition of the best antivirus software in the market and have secured our environment through firewalls.

Secured Data Transfer

File exchange with our customers is carried out via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to ensure data security. Data is stored on centralized servers which are secured by latest antivirus and firewalls.

Regular backups

Project work and daily progress is backed up routinely via latest backup software so that your data is never lost.

Reduce Capital Costs and Labor Costs

Outsourcing your data entry requirements to Outsource Data Services (ODS) will significantly reduce infrastructural demands on your firm. You can save on the requirement of software/hardware installations, technical maintenance and human resource recruitment and training.


We get it right the first time and this helps us save time which would be wasted in rectifying the errors we made in the first place. We have state of the art software and processes in place, coupled with experienced data entry operators and proofreaders which help us provide an output with accuracy level of 99.99%.


Apart from being accurate, we understand the need of being fast. Average typing speed of our Data Entry operators is around 40 words per minute which enables us to delivers the desired results faster.

Relationship beyond the contract

Our work ethics sets us apart from other service providers as we strongly believe in building relationships beyond the contract. A contract is important as it safeguards all that is within the “span of control” but in today’s world of uncertainty wherein business faces new challenges and changes every day, it is paramount that we are transparent and flexible with our customers and go an extra mile if needed, irrespective of what is written in the contract.

We emphasize on building long term relationships with our customers and our professional and personal approach has resulted in recurring clients.

Privacy Policy

We understand the fact that a company’s data is their most important asset and the client can have concerns regarding it. Outsource Data Services (ODS) follows an uncompromising privacy policy. We take Information Security very seriously and possess an unblemished record of keeping our customer’s data safe. Each and every member of the ODS family are signatories to confidential clauses and are liable to termination and legal action if they divulge any sensitive information.

Transparent & Regular Client Communication

We put a lot of effort on transparency and communication with our clients. Throughout the stage of Project processing we keep our clients in the loop, so that they can keep a tab on the progress and quality of the project. We report back to the client from time to time and get their feedback on regular basis.

Dedicated Project Manager

Each and every project at Outsource Data Services is managed and coordinated by a dedicate Project Manager. He can be reached via email, Skype and Phone. We make sure that every customer receives personal attention throughout the life cycle of the project and is always available to answer all the customer’s queries and keeps them updated on the progress of the work.

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