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Mailing List Data Entry Services

A mailing list is a list of people who subscribe to a periodic mailing distribution on a particular topic. It has become a popular way for users to keep up with topics they are interested in. It contains names and addresses which can be used by an organization to send material to multiple recipients. A well formulated mailing list allows businesses to communicate directly to customers and is a type of direct marketing. Marketing gurus consider mailing lists as an integral part of any business marketing plans and are really helpful in identifying potential customers and generating valuable sales leads. Compilation and data entry of such mailing lists takes up a lot of time and also involves intense effort from a large number of employees. Another cost effective solution is to outsource mailing list data entry services to us.

Outsource Data Services can help you build two types of mailing lists:

  1. Postal Mailing List (Traditional)
  2. Electronic Mailing List (Recent and more popular)

Services we offer as part of Mailing List Data Entry Services:

  • Data entry operators at ODS can create a online/offline database of all those names and add them to your mailing list.
  • We have a team of specialized data entry professionals who can analyze your business process and formulate a mailing list custom made for your business. We take into account various demographics and your target audience.
  • We offer some specialized services as part of mailing lists data entry service, which includes mailing address verification, mailing list data cleansing, and mailing list de-duplication.
  • If you already have a pre-formed mailing list, we can modify it, clean it and enrich it to reap better results.

Data entry of mailing list is done from various sources, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Business cards
  • Response pieces gathered from past mailings
  • Names and addresses collected from web response forms
  • Sales Calls
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