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Telephone Directories Data Entry Services

A telephone directory, aka phone book, is a listing of telephone subscribers in an area or subscribers to services provided by the organization that publishes the directory. Its purpose is to allow the telephone number of a subscriber identified by name and address to be found. It has subscribers names listed in alphabetical order, with their address and telephone number. It also provides access to contact numbers of emergency services, utilities, hospitals, doctors, and various other organizations.

There are two ways to publish a telephone directory:

  1. Hard copy (the old way)
  2. Electronic copy or soft copy (the new way)

This is the point where Outsource Data Services (ODS) comes in. You can leverage our expertise to extract and digitize telephone directories’ data. When you outsource Telephone Directories Data Entry Services to ODS (Outsource Data Services). Data entry operators readily convert telephone directory data into a more usable digitized format. Digitized data is easily accessible and can be searched with ease. This saves your employees a lot of time and helps them concentrate on core business tasks. Hard copies of telephone directories have been banned by many communities and its unsolicited distribution is considered as wasteful, unwanted and harmful to the environment.

Services we offer as part of Telephone Directories Data Entry Services include:

  • Telephone directories are highly targeted and ODS has experts who have multiple years of experience in maintaining and managing directory data. We can help you place ads which will target people who are ready to buy.
  • We can help you track and measure leads generated by your telephone directory ads. ODS will set up a special line for your ad and then count the no. of responses or ask callers where did they learn about the business. This will help measure the ROI (return on investment) against what you spent on the ads.
  • Our data entry professionals can enter all your yellow pages/white pages/grey pages data with guaranteed accuracy of 99.99%.
  • When you digitize telephone directory data, it is available for shoppers 24 hours per day. This is really beneficial to the advertiser as it gains more eyeballs throughout the day.
  • You can reap benefits of the wide reach of a telephone directory system by making your company contact details known on the directory. We can perform telephone directories’ data entry with an amalgam of latest technologies and human involvement.
  • Data can be captured manually or through the use of OCR (Optical character recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) tools. We can also receive data through any method of your choice –e-mails, regular shipping (FedEx, UPS, etc.) or by uploading files on our secure FTP server.
  • We at outsource data services can accept data in nearly any format and also deliver the final output in any format of your choice. Some of the formats that we handle include PDF, ASCII, Excel, RTF, Microfilm, MS Word, HTML, etc.
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