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Address Management Services

An updated and accurate address database is a pre-requisite for a successful marketing campaign. Incomplete or erroneous address databases can adversely affect your company’s sales and marketing goals. While accurate and consistent database can save unwanted marketing expenditure as well as your precious time which can then be utilized for your core competencies.

For companies that maintain mailing lists with street addresses, keeping accurate and up-to-date address data for contacts has always been a concern. As mailing costs continue to increase, it is becoming more and more important for organizations to reduce their returned mail and improve the effectiveness of their mailing lists. The solution is to outsource your address management services to Outsource Data Service. Address management professionals at ODS will help you from addresses data extraction and database building to maintaining it on regular basis. We will also verify the accuracy of addresses and standardizes them to accepted postal service standards.

Challenges faced during Address List Management:

  • Incomplete Address Data: Missing ZIP Codes, +4 codes, company names, apartment or suite numbers, and other segments of an address are common problems and lead to missed opportunities for an organization.
  • Incorrect Address Data: Address data is highly susceptible to mistakes. Since the source of the data could be almost anyone, including customers and sales representatives, mistakes are common. The street name could be misspelled. An unacceptable city name could be entered. The wrong ZIP Code might be provided.
  • Outdated Address Data: Sure, a customer might file a change of address with the post office but wouldn’t it be nice if a company could be notified of the change before sending out a mailing? How about knowing if a ZIP Code or street name has changed? Mailings sent with outdated address data may make it to contacts eventually, but it will require extra time to be processed and forwarded.
  • All these problems results in a lost opportunity to follow-up on a sale with a customer or the inability to deliver a product ordered, a company’s ability to communicate with contacts in its lists is impaired by the above mentioned challenges.
  • We have a one stop solution for all your address management needs. Outsourcing your address management services to Outsource Data Services will help you target the right people, and acquire and expand your customer base.

Services we offer part of our Address Management Services include:

  • Creating Address Databases: Address Management professionals at ODS can help you build address databases from multiple sources like websites, online directories, printed directories, etc.
  • Address Standardization: We standardize addresses to make them consistent and complete. We then scrutinize them for spelling errors, abbreviation formatting etc.
  • Address De-Duplication: There can be redundant entries in your address database. We can identify duplicate records and remove them to make your database precise, functional and valuable.
  • Address Verification and Validation: We provide data cleansing facility for your address list. We validate and verify the entries against reliable sources and make necessary changes wherever needed.
  • US & UK Postcode Address Files: We use reliable sources and US/UK Postcode Address Files [PAF] to verify all US and UK mailing addresses. We also make sure that all addresses match the standard mailing format for their respective countries.

Benefits of outsourcing Address Management Services to us:

  1. Reduced Returned Mail
  2. Improved Quality of Address Data
  3. Better Communication with Customers
  4. Reduced Mailing Cost
  5. Increased Delivery Speed
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