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Market Research Forms Processing Services

Organizations are undertaking market research to understand how the market is responding to their products and services. It is a potent tool to understand customer expectations, market trends and fellow competitors. Market research forms processing services generally involves extracting information from customized forms, faxes, and scanned images and converting it into an electronic format. This electronic data is stored in a secure location and can be accessed from multiple locations.

Services we offer as part of Market Research Forms Processing Services include:

  • Data Capture: Data is captured from public websites, web portals, Yahoo! and MSN, white pages and ecommerce websites. From these sources, we collect mailing addresses, product names, descriptions, images, types of products and their classifications, company details, emails, websites, diagrams, tables and charts.
  • Web scraping services: Web scraping is the process of automatically collecting information from the World Wide Web. It is a computer software technique of extracting information which is accomplished by either directly implementing theHypertext Transfer Protocol¬†(on which the Web is based), or embedding a web browser.
  • Data indexing: Once data is captured and turned into a digital format of your choice; we organize and index your market forms for easy retrieval and access.
  • Data research: We carry out extensive data research and analysis to help you understand market trends so that you can leverage this information to gain a competitive edge in your business. Research and analysis of the market will help you understand customer expectations and will help you formulate strategies for managing and strengthening customer relationships and getting loyal and long-lasting customers

We have listed below, few of our Market research services:

  • Market and legal research services
  • Product market research
  • Reference material research
  • Internet research and reporting
  • Education and business web research
  • Management and organizational web research
  • Abridging of websites useful to both educators and students,
  • Email research, name, city and state research, address research
  • Product or Services research
  • Pricing research
  • Competitor research
  • Trend research
  • Advertising research
  • Market and location research
  • Brand and corporate image research
  • Internet product research and online research for database creation services.
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