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Order Processing Services

Companies put in a lot of efforts in marketing and sales to acquire customers. After relentless pursuit, they are able to turn a potential buyer into their own customer. All of these efforts are put to waste if you do not have the right team to back it up in the field of order processing. Businesses which deal with selling a product or providing a service have to process a lot of customers’ orders on a daily basis. Order processing is an important link in any sales process and doing it effectively and quickly ensures that you are one step ahead of the competition in generating new business and also strengthening existing client relationships.

For businesses run online, especially, answering customer queries and processing orders on time is a customer retaining strategy. Streamlined order processing leads to more sales and new business. Once the customer has bought a product, the onus is on us to process and deliver it in a timely manner in order to enhance customer experience and build a strong customer relationship.

Services we offer as part of our Order Processing Services include:

  • Order processing services comprise of validation of online orders, order tracking, order placement, shipping products as per purchase order, refunds, product queries, exception handling like cancellations or modifications of orders and other customer service related activities.
  • A devoted team of professionals are trained on the various terminologies and the usage of the on-line order management system.
  • Handling payments in the form of – Wire transfers, Payment by telephone, Payment through Debit/Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Gift Cards, etc.
  • Regular and effective client communication which involves apprising the status and details of the order to the customers via email, messages or phone.
  • The professionals at Outsource Data Services can process all kinds of orders – distribution orders, sales orders, blanket orders, back orders, split, auto-ship and complex continuity orders. We can process both bulk or batch orders and are familiar with all on-line order management systems.
  • Handling all the taxes and duties pertinent to the order.
  • Managing and updating customer database to enhance customer relations.

Benefits of outsourcing Order Processing Services to us:

  • Outsourcing order processing services to ODS helps you in Cost reduction: Cost-of-fulfillment and cost avoidance.
  • Outsourcing will lead to Business transformation: Enable Revenue / Cash Flow, Better Customer Experience, and Faster Go-to-Market.
  • Outsource data services will bring Process optimization: Bringing in Predictability, accuracy in billing and improving business metrics.
  • Outsourcing your order processing services will lead to Complaints Reduction and Reduction in Order Fallouts.
  • Let’s you focus on your core operational functions of Sales, Marketing and Product development / innovation.
  • Our team will be trained and educated thoroughly about your product and the proceedings to be followed.
  • We have a well-defined process for our order taking services which will be customized to meet your specific requirements.
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