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Word Processing and Formatting Services

Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. It is the most popular and widely used word processing software in the world that allows users to create and edit text documents. Users can start with blank documents or work from pre-configured templates for projects with frequently used formats. It is highly valuable for businesses because it allows remote collaboration on documents projects, making it easy to share file updates. When it comes to understanding automated formatting styles and indexing, Microsoft indeed turns out to be a minefield. MS word provides a gamut of features to style and format your word documents, but in can be a real hassle for your employees to create word documents that appear not merely high-quality but terrific.

As part of Word formatting services we can process and rearrange already existing word documents in order to make them look admirable and awe-inspiring. We achieve this with the help of various customized styles and services available with MS word. The prime objective of such an exercise is to enhance the look of existing word documents so that it can grab the attention of your customers and add to your business interests. Business entities that compulsorily require facing-off Microsoft Word in day to day operations have a hard time understanding its nitty-gritties that not only translate into crippling the productivity of employees but also present a vast array of hurdles in management of documents. Outsource Data Services (ODS) brings you seamless and a comprehensive set of formatting services that are tailored to suit your operational prerequisites.


Services we offer as part of MS Word Processing services include:

  • Converting non-editable file formats like pdf, tiff, jpeg, png, etc. into .doc/.docx file format so that your data can be processed, modified and formatted as per your requirements.
  • Data entry operators at ODS can also capture data from paper documents or hard copies and key them into word documents which can be easily accessed and shared.
  • We also provide specialized data entry services wherein audio/video files are converted into text in doc format by our data entry professionals.
  • We can carry out verification and rectification of document formatting which includes checking for logical flow, sentence structuring, phrasing ambiguities, etc.
  • A special team of proof readers rectify spelling, punctuation and typographical errors.
  • Generating TOCs and TOAs – Indexing and Creation of Tables of Content and Tables of Authorities.

Services we offer as part of MS Word Formatting services include:

  • Data Cleansing
  • MS Word text Editing and Formatting
  • Index preparation
  • Header and Footer Setting (inc. page numbers)
  • Mail Merging
  • Typing and Transcription
  • Placing Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  • Compiling Documents
  • Page Numbering
  • Margin Standardization
  • Table Formatting
  • Image Placement
  • Caption Numbering and Labeling
  • Footnote Styling and Standardization
  • Table of Contents Creation
  • Addition of Captions and References
  • Inserting images, tables, charts and appendices
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