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Product Catalog Building and Indexing Services

Product catalogs continue to be an important marketing channel for informing customers about the latest offering from the organization and any promotional offers around them. In an increasingly competitive space, building product catalogs on a timely and consistent basis is a critical task that requires focused attention. Similarly, indexing the different headings and sub-headings from a catalog into a database facilitates quick retrieval, archiving and editing of information. Outsource Data Services has more than 15 years of experience in the Product Catalog Building and Indexing business and delivers high-quality results in both these processes for clients across the world. You just need to send us your paper catalogs and we will transform them into aesthetically appealing online catalogs. This will help you to reach out to a larger audience and see an increase in sales. Get in touch with us for outsourcing Product Catalog Building and Indexing Services and see a marked improvement in your profits.

Catalog building and indexing professionals can build your online catalogs from a variety of sources including paper product catalogs, digital PDF catalogs, manufacturer details, price list, etc. The photo editing team at Outsource Data Services then works to extract product photos from scanned documents or PDF digital catalogs and uploads them on shopping cart database with appropriate product code / SKU. The catalog building and indexing team at ODS specializes in managing any sort of catalog building project from scratch. We have great understanding on different domain products and our professionals study each project thoroughly before starting execution, which helps us to understand your products and services enabling us to serve you better.

What encompasses our Product Catalog Building/ Product Catalog Indexing Services?

We build aesthetically appealing catalogs that make online shopping simple and attractive to the end-user. Outsource Data Services uses latest technology and tools to cut manual work, improve productivity and quality.

Online Product Catalog building services

  • Product information is taken from the paper catalog or from the manufacturer’s website and placed into the eCatalog
  • Product attributes are classified into the right category using set standards and product taxonomies
  • We use product classification engines and data mining tools to gather the product data into the digital product catalog
  • Upon request from the customer, we can enrich the contents like product descriptions for SEO and make it unique
  • Final online catalog is processed after aggressive quality and accuracy checks by our in-house quality control team.

Online Product Catalog Indexing Services

  • The most essential element of an e-catalog is making sure clients have the ability to discover the products they wish easily.
  • Our Catalog indexing team uses advanced levels of search algorithms that index the catalogs in an effective and easily searchable order.
  • This makes the customer find the information quickly and the product data is filtered according to the preference of the customer including alphabetical indexing of products, brands, manufacturers, etc.

Catalog Building and Indexing Process Flow:

  • The customer sends over paper products catalogs to us.
  • The product catalog building team analyzes your product catalogs and researches on it. We touch base with the customer in order to understand your business product/service better.
  • Our catalog categorization professionals will then make a note of the various headings, subheadings, phrases/words. This will help us categorize your products in an appropriate hierarchy.
  • We will enrich your product content for SEO and make it unique. This will ensure that your product comes up on online searches.
  • The last step is to index your product catalogs according to the relevant category and sub-category.

Why should you outsource Product Catalog Building and Indexing Services to us:

Outsource Data Services offers you a bouquet of services backed up with its rich experience and highly trained and motivated team of professionals. Apart from leveraging with large audience groups, our advanced catalog building system has numerous other features also:

  • Reduce Complexity: To run an online store with maximized returns is a tedious task that needs lot of time and efforts. Besides it is not a onetime activity and you need to continuously keep working on your store.  If this is not your core competency, it is better to outsource Product Catalog Building and Indexing Services to us
  • Strong Engagement: An updated and aesthetically good web store that is created with logical structure is always successful in converting your potential customers into actual buyers.

We also offer around the clock customer support and can help you build user-friendly online catalogs at the lowest prices in the industry.

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