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How Do We Work?

Outsourcing is the practice of using outside firms to handle work normally performed within a company. Though it may be a familiar concept to many entrepreneurs, first timers may have concerns about outsourcing their services to a third-party organization.

Doubts may arise questioning the required infrastructure, resources, security, expertise, experience and cost benefits of outsourcing to a third party organization.

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  • Control Capital Costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Start new projects quickly
  • Focus on your core business
  • Access to experience and skilled resources
  • Reduce Risk
  • Time zone advantage

You can follow a 7 stage process to outsource your work load to us.


First Stage: Establish Contact

You can establish contact with us through the inquire form on our website or email us at Our sales team will contact you for the next stage.

Second Stage: Project Discussion

We discuss your project requirement and develop a macro view of your requirements and aspirations. We move to the next stage if we provide the services you are looking for.

Third Stage: Project Free Sample

We execute a free pilot/sample project to translate your vision and requirements into a coherent blueprint. This blueprint helps us evaluate the complexity of your project and adapt a solution to meet your requirements. We assess the number of resources and the number of hours it will take to deliver your project. This also helps the client to evaluate our capabilities, gaining mutual confidence which helps us build long term business associations before committing to a contract.

Fourth Stage: Project Pricing

Depending upon the results of the previous stage, we confirm the pricing details to you. Pricing is decided on various factors and varies from project to project depending on the complexity, length, volume and turnaround time of the project.

We offer competitive pricing based on hourly rates or per record rates for different services. All applicable discounts are applied and a final quote is presented to the client.

Fifth Stage: Project Confirmation

If the client finds our quote suitable and agrees to go ahead with Outsource Data Services (ODS) as their outsourcing partner. The project is confirmed and we create a proposal (if required) along with all legal formalities like signing the contracts, SLAs and other agreements.

Sixth Stage: Project Processing

In this stage we commence your project by assembling a trained and experienced team to implement the solution. Our operators are extremely professional and versatile and can deliver projects with the highest quality at fastest turnaround time. We report back to the client from time to time and get their feedback on regular basis. This helps the client keep a tab on the progress and quality of the project.

Seventh Stage: Project Delivery

This is final stage of our project development life-cycle wherein we deliver the final project to our client, within the decided deadline. The client reviews the final output and validates it. If they are not happy with the outcome, they can send the project back with their inputs and we make the final adjustments and deliver as promised.

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Get 15% Off on Any Service - Offer Valid for a Limited Time

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