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Product Feed Submission Services

Product feed submission is more than just uploading a product feed to a search engine. It also requires knowing the specific requirements of each search engine being submitted to and ensuring that those requirements are being met. Knowing a search engines taxonomy is also important before you submit product feed to a search engine. Product feed submission services becomes necessary from the time a vendor begins to market their products online. An initial product feed is created, optimized and categorized to meet search engines requirements. It may then be submitted. However it doesn’t just end with that submission. A product feed needs to be submitted every time any change is made to a data feed in order to stay relevant

Many merchants submit their product feeds to the comparison engines as infrequently as once or twice per month. Others only submit as often as they make changes to their product listings on their website. As a best practice, Outsource Data Services will daily feed uploads to the shopping engines, whether there are changes or not. Many comparison engines make it a part of their search algorithm to look for the “freshness” or newness of the feed. Product listings that are updated every day are treated favorably in search results. Thus, even a feed that has remained unchanged from one day to the next is better off re-submitted the following day.

Aside from the search algorithms, the discipline of daily submissions is also a best practice. The product’s price, stock status, or other attributes will change frequently and haphazard uploading schedules can cause a busy merchant to forget to update the engines with accurate information. If a product is described differently on a landing page than on a comparison engine, the inconsistency will make a negative impact on conversion rates. Daily submissions are not always easy to facilitate for a retailer managing multiple product feeds. This is another reason why Outsource Data Services solution and its automatic pickup of feeds from a merchant’s website will save time while increasing accuracy.

Our product feed submission services includes the following:

  • Feed Management
  • Feed Creation
  • Feed Optimization
  • Product Categorization
  • Feed Submission
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Product Support

We have extensive experience of working with different administrative interfaces like Yahoo stores, ASPdotNet, MonsterCommerce, Magento, MIVA merchant, Netsuite, osCommerce, ProStores, Volusion, X cart, Zen cart, eBay, Amazon, Channel Advisor, and other custom-built interfaces.

Few other services we provide as part of our Product Feed Submission Services are:

  • Managing Product Details: Managing product related details such as name, type, SKU, price, quantity, availability and status details.
  • Appropriate Product Categorization: In order to allow customers Managing product related details such to easily find your products, it’s necessary to list them under specific categories.
  • Managing Product Attributes or Attribute Sets: Our upload specialists apply focused approaches to mange product attribute code, product attribute label, itinerary name, etc.
  • eCommerce Marketing: Based on detailed analysis of your eCommerce product listings, we also provide suitable eCommerce marketing services to promote your products on the web.
  • Adding Reviews & Ratings: This helps in promoting your key products.
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